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There is only one word that comes to mind when you see Andre on stage… showman. Musical talent aside this young man has presence that is reminiscent of a young Brian Setzer, working the stage and the room with an irresistible charisma. It’s not all theatrics with these boys though, they do have the musical chops to go with it.
 - B Lynn Hartling // Canadian Beats
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Recorded in the summer of 2022 at The Tragically Hip’s studio, The Bathouse and Shoebox Studios, Under Control was made possible with the help of producer Brian Moncarz. The 13-track album highlights important matters such as alcohol dependency, love, loss and taking accountability as displayed in new tracks: Borrowing Happiness, Obstacles and Monumental Health.


“Inspiring growth through perseverance, ‘Under Control’ ebbs and flows bending the rock/pop influences from generations before us combined with our personal flair to create a product that is uniquely ours. We didn't shy away from the messages, topics and production throughout the album. We walk a thin line between a showboat and a shipwreck and we wanted that portrayed on the record. This album is straight from the heart. It's about reflection; looking in the mirror, digging deep and telling the stories about some of the most influential ups and downs of the last decade,” said Andre Pettipas.


“We didn't want to put any restrictions on the album sonically or contextually as we were aiming to show vulnerability throughout. Getting to record the album at The Bathouse was an absolute dream. The vibe in the house was nothing short of extraordinary and we are grateful for the opportunity. We're excited for people to get a deeper look into what we have to offer as a group with this release. It's about getting your life 'Under Control' and finding the balance that works for you so that you're able to pursue what makes you tick,” continued Andre Pettipas.


The band plan to build Under Control on the success of their previously released album, No Fools No Fun, and are already on the right track with “Sin City,” which recently gained exposure from being featured during game one of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals


Also included on the album is the band’s latest single, “Definition Of A Dweeb”. The fun and energetic track is an anthem for adolescents and outcasts and is all about navigating growing pains and bad haircuts.







2016: Casino NS Artist In Residence Finalists 
- Arkells "Leather Jacket" cover contest golden ticket winner

2017: Q104 Homegrown Champions 
- Showcased at Indie Week 

- 2018 Showcased at Live At Heart (Orebro, Sweden) 

- 2019 Jim Beam Talent Search Champions (Halifax Region) 
  Showcased at Canadian Music Week 


- East Coast Countdown #1s: "Long Way From Home" ft. Ashley MacIsaac,

"The Swedish Motel", "Sympathy Card", "Overtime", "Homesick" and
"Definition of a dweeb."

"Sympathy Card" hit #27 on National Radio Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart

"Overtime" was featured on game 4 of Stanley Cup Finals in 2021

2021: Showcased at ASEAN Music Showcase festival
Showcased at Bangkok Music City festival

2022: ECMA "Rock Recording Of The Year" nomination  (No Fools No Fun)
NSMW "Rock Recording Of The Year" nomination (No Fools No Fun)

Released Live Album "Live at The ElMo" recorded at Legendary El Mocambo tavern.

2023: June - Showcased at COCA (Canadian Organization of Campus Activities)
Cross-Country tour in support of lead single from 'Under Control"

"Sin City" featured on game 1 of NHL Stanley Cup Finals

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